Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Mosara Products?

Our products are available for purchase online. Visit Jumia, Masoko, Kasha Technologies, and Hair Culture Ke to order.

They are available at several stores countrywide. Click this link to find a retailer near you.

Are Mosara products child friendly?

Yes, they are. They are made with natural and organic ingredients making them safe for use for you and your children.

However, we recommend that you perform a patch test whenever you use new products to confirm that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Is Mosara’s Deep Treatment Masque a deep conditioner?

Yes it is. It is a moisturizing deep conditioner.

What is the difference between Mosara’s Hydrating Butter and Mosara’s Moisture Milk?

Both are leave-in products.

The hydrating butter is a thick leave-in conditioner. It is best used on freshly washed hair. Use it as your C on damp hair with water as your L for the LOC/LCO method. We recommend using it on freshly washed hair.

The Moisture Milk is a water-based oil moisturizer formulated to act like pink lotion. We recommend using it daily to refresh and re-moisturize your hair..

Why is the consistency of the product I ordered different from the one I already have?

We use natural and organic ingredients. Due to the nature of these ingredients, the consistency, colour and scent may differ with every batch.

How do I become a distributor/retailer?

Kindly get in touch with us via email at

Why are the prices at the retailer I visited different from the ones on the website?

While we set a recommended retail price, we cannot control the prices at which they are sold.

This is because the cost of doing business varies from retailer to retailer. They, therefore, increase their margins to cater to their operating costs.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently don’t ship internationally.


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