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Mosara Hair Care Products


Destined to become your holy grail products

Mosara’s Hair Care Range keeps your hair moisturized for longer, reducing unnecessary breakage for longer, healthier hair.

About Us

Mosara (K) Ltd is a natural hair care products manufacturer based out of Nairobi, Kenya.

The name ‘Mosara’ is inspired by the Hausa tribe of Nigeria’s word for Coconut because we LOVE and use Coconut oil in all of our products.

Created to cater to the needs of African (afro-textured) hair types our range of products are formulated to keep your hair moisturized, healthy and easy to manage.

Whether you have got kinky, curly or straight hair, we recommend our products for natural, colour treated, dreadlocked and relaxed hair.

Mosara’s range of products are made from natural and naturally derived ingredients. They are FREE of silicones, parabens, phthalates, sulfates/sulphates, petroleum jelly, petroleum-derived ingredients and mineral oil.

Our products are available in several retail stores online and offline in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Please visit the Hair Products page to learn more about our range of products and the Where to Buy page to find a retailer near you.

Featured Products

500g Deep Treatment Masque
500g Hydrating Butter_1
500g Hydrating Butter
250ml Moisture Milk
250ml Moisture Milk
Mosara Rich Conditioner 250ml
250ml Rich Conditioner
250ml Sulfate Free Shampoo
250ml Sulfate Free Shampoo