Natural Hair Diaries

Natural Hair Diaries is a repository of hair care tips and tricks for afro-textured hair. Starting out on your natural hair journey and don't know where to start? From developing your own wash routine to finding the right tools we are here to help you along the way. Had natural hair for years and looking for advice to help you deal with new issues like reducing single strand knots, heatless stretching and maintaining your length, we share with you all our pro tips to keep your healthy and strong.

  • kids natural hair routine

    Simple Kids Hair Care Routine: Natural Hair

    A kids natural hair routine should revolve around good quality products, being consistent and keeping things simple. We get questions all the time about this. That’s why you are here too, isn’t it? As you read this, be sure to…

  • Kids Hair Care

    Kids Hair Care: Five Tips For all Parents

    Caring for your kid’s hair can be a very daunting task. It can sometimes involve some tears, loud screaming and sudden mysterious illnesses that probably don’t exist in the medical textbooks. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It…

  • A Simple Wash Day Routine for Healthy Hair

    The number one objective when building a natural hair wash day routine should always be to cause as little damage to your hair as possible. Working with afro-textured hair requires patience and the right set of tools and products. This…

  • Natural hair trend: blue temporary color.

    3 natural hair trends to try before 2020

    If you’re willing to try out fashion, why not try a natural hair trend? We all complain that we don’t know what to do with our hair. We’re either bored with protective styling or we’re bored twisting and retwisting. Who…

  • Oils to prepoo your natural hair

    6 oils to prepoo your natural hair

    You’ve always wondered how to add oils in your wash routine? Adding oils to prepoo your natural hair might be your solution. Sometimes we hesitate to change our routine because we don’t know which oil will work for us, but…

  • Willow smith's dread locks

    How to maintain dread locks

    Maintaining dread locks is easy-breezy. Dread locks are a hairstyle that have been worn by everyone in the word. Be it Africans, or Vikings, dreadlocks have been here for years. Although ten years ago, dread locks were frowned upon in…

  • Ayurvedic herbs and spices

    Ayurvedic treatments for natural hair growth

    Have you seen these viral recipes using seeds and oils you’ve never heard of, to make protein treatments, and you always wonder what it is: ayurvedic treatments. This is the right place to get to know the process in depth!…

  • Hairstyle for natural hair: fulani braids

    10 Hairstyles for natural hair: back to school edition

    It’s back-to-school season, it’s time for those hairstyles ideas for natural hair that are school friendly; to avoid those morning fights and struggles. Worry not, these ideas are also suitable for adults, there are hairstyles that can be worn by…

  • Rice soaked in water

    Rice Water Hair Rinses: Myth or Reality?

    Being a woman in this world means getting your fair share of beauty hacks from your elders, some of them might be myths and some of them actually work

  • Transitioning hair from relaxed to natural

    How to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair

    We’ve all heard people saying “my hair is in transition” or “I’m transitioning” and wondered what exactly it implied and what’s the process. After covering the big chop last week, it’s only fair to explain how to transition from relaxed…