Hair Growth Tips and Tricks

Natural hair growth tips and tricks on to grow out your natural hair regardless of whether your main goal is length retention, increasing the volume of your hair or overall healthy hair.

  • Ayurvedic herbs and spices

    Ayurvedic treatments for natural hair growth

    Have you seen these viral recipes using seeds and oils you’ve never heard of, to make protein treatments, and you always wonder what it is: ayurvedic treatments. This is the right place to get to know the process in depth!…

  • Rice soaked in water

    Rice Water Hair Rinses: Myth or Reality?

    Being a woman in this world means getting your fair share of beauty hacks from your elders, some of them might be myths and some of them actually work

  • Traction Alopecia

    Traction Alopecia: Dealing with Hair Loss

    Traction alopecia is a very common type of hair loss often experienced by African women. It occurs when we literally pull our hair out through tension by repeatedly wearing our hair in tight weaves, braids and extensions. You can still…

  • Damaged Hair

    Damaged Hair? Here’s How to Repair it

    Damaging your hair after working so hard to nurture it to your dream length and volume is every woman’s worst nightmare. Hair is prone to several types of damage that can occur even as we go about our daily activities.…

  • natural hair growth

    Natural Hair Growth Tips And Tricks

    Natural hair growth is one of those topics that will always come up when two or more naturals come together. Many of us dream of having long, thick hair that falls down to our backs if not down to our…