Natural Hair Growth Tips And Tricks

Natural Hair Growth Tips and Tricks (1)

Natural hair growth is one of those topics that seems to always come up when two or more naturals come together. Many of us dream of long natural hair falling down our backs if not our waists.

It goes without saying, that everyone can have the hair of their dreams with a little patience and a few tweaks to their hair care regimen.

Let’s get into our recommended tips and tricks for natural hair growth, shall we?

Build a Regimen for Natural Hair Growth

The main focus of a natural hair growth regimen should always start at health. If your hair is healthy then length and length retention will automatically follow.

1. Find Some Inspiration: Natural Hair Growth Gurus

Head into Pinterest or Youtube and find someone whose hair you admire. Whether it’s their wash routines or a hairstyle they often wear to protect their hair. A source of inspiration will motivate you to stay focused on your goals. We have been putting together a Pinterest board with exactly these things and done half of the work for you. 🙂

If you land on a blogger as your source of inspiration, they will even have some videos and tutorials you can watch and likely pick up some of their tips and tricks. Some of them have managed to grow their hair to waist length so they obviously know a thing or two about natural hair growth.

2. Keep your Scalp Clean

Having a clean scalp is the basis of a good hair care regimen. When your hair is dirty, not only does it look bad, it might also smell bad and be susceptible to dandruff and other more serious infections.

Your scalp is made of skin, needing the same level of care. It needs to stay hydrated from the inside, therefore, drink plenty of water. It is made up of follicles which sweat and absorb the things it comes into contact with. Try to avoid using products on it that could block and clog your pores and those that you don’t want absorbing into your body. Try some of our all natural hair care products developed without sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, petroleum, and mineral oil.

Lastly, a clean scalp will be less susceptible to dandruff and other infections that may cause itching. Scratching your scalp can give your itch relief but it can also cause wounds which will form scabs and scars when they heal. Hair doesn’t grow well on either scabs or scars if grows on these areas in the first place.

3. Finding What Works for Your Hair will Aid Natural Hair Growth

There are no set of rules that apply to every single head of natural hair. As you proceed with your natural hair journey take the time to learn YOUR OWN hair and figure out what it likes and what it doesn’t.

Always make sure to tweak each natural hair growth tip and trick you learn along the way to suit your hair and what it needs.

4. Moisturize! Hydration is Very Important for Natural Hair Growth

This is key if you want to experience natural hair growth. As a natural, you will need to build an effective hair care regimen that incorporates keeping your hair moisturized. When you have built a regimen that works, you will notice that you can always tell when your hair needs an extra boost.

The best time to properly moisturize your hair is on wash day. In fact, if you do it properly, you might end up not having to deal with your hair for a whole week.

5. Minimise the use of Heat

The use of excessive heat can set your natural hair growth journey back a few inches by causing heat damage and eventually breakage and hair loss. Please note the term, excessive. Some forms of heat can be good for your natural hair.

You can dry your hair under a hooded drier, use blow driers that have diffuser attachments or even steaming when you deep condition your hair. These kinds of heat will not damage your hair. You can also occasionally stretch your hair using heat as long as you make sure to use heat protectant and all the necessary caution.

You know your hair best. If your hair is susceptible to heat damage, don’t use direct heat on it.

6. Practice Low Manipulation Hairstyles

This just means that you should try to have your ends tucked away most of the time. This is essential to reduce damage and support all of your natural hair growth efforts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should never wear your hair out, just that you should wear protective hairstyles. There are plenty of hairstyles out there that still allow you to show off your hair. Protective hairstyles aren’t just braids and wigs. You can style your hair all on its own. If you feel like extensions are the way to go, then by all means, add them in.

While we are on the topic of hairstyles, please, let’s agree on one thing. Tight hairstyles do not lead to hair growth. They just cause you pain and agony not to mention hair loss and even traction alopecia if your hair follicles become damaged. If your stylist is threatening to pull your edges along with your scalp out, please tell them to stop. Nothing good will come out of that.

7. Stretch Your Hair

We all know that the majority of Africans have type 4 hair. This means that our strands love showing each other love by coiling up into themselves in single strand knots. Knots require time and patience to seperate, but sometimes they are too tightly knotted that you have to cut them out. Combing hair that has knots in it will cause the hair to break off for the comb to get through.

The best way to avoid single strand knots is by first properly moisturizing your ends, second stretching your natural hair and third regularly trimming your hair. Its also a good idea to check for and get rid of knots before combing your hair.

Braid outs, twist outs and African threading are great ways to stretch your hair without the use of heat.

8. Trim when necessary

This is not something most naturals who are on a natural hair growth journey want to hear. Sometimes it is necessary to trim your hair. If you start noticing your hair is a bit harder to comb than usual or your styles don’t come out quite how you would like them to then perhaps it is time to pick up the scissors.

Holding onto damaged ends is detrimental to your natural hair growth journey. When left in split ends travel up the hair shaft causing more tangling, knotting and breakage than is necessary. If you regularly use heat on your hair then your might need a trim more often. This is because you are drying out your ends a lot so they wrap around themselves forming knots and splits.

9. Wrap Your Hair at Night

Use either a satin or silk bonnet or scarf to wrap your hair at night. This will keep your hair moisturized as satin and silk don’t soak up moisture or oil from your hair and we all know we need every drop of that moisture for hair growth. Wrapping your hair at night also helps to keep your styles looking neat.

10. Detangle Properly

There are many ways to detangle natural hair. Some people prefer using their wide tooth combs while others swear by finger detangling. Make sure you pick a method that does not involve you snagging or pulling on your hair which leads to breakage. If your hair isn’t breaking off, you will soon start to see it getting longer.

11. Massage Your Scalp with Natural Oils

Natural oils are truly a gift from mother nature. They work great on hair and skin. These oils include coconut, olive, castor and avocado oils, shea butter and cocoa butter among many others. They have numerous benefits and are great for natural hair growth. Make sure the oil you get is pure and has no additives.

Pick an oil of your choice and apply a decent amount on your scalp. Don’t be zealous with it because too much oil will leave your scalp and hair greasy leading to build-up and clogged follicles. No one likes it when oil drips down their forehead.

Once you have applied the oil, gently massage your scalp in circular motions. Not only does this feel good, but it also increases blood flow to your scalp which means your hair follicles are getting a lot of nutrients.

Repeat this process daily or every other day. You don’t have to use the oil every time you massage your scalp as this also leads to build-up. Do not forget your edges and your nape. It even feels a lot better if you can get someone else to do it for you.

12. Drink Water and Eat Healthy

To have healthy hair, you have to do healthy things. This also applies to diet. Make sure you drink water. The recommended amount is eight glasses of water daily. Hair needs to be moisturized from the inside out too.

A healthy diet also ensures that your hair is getting the proper nutrients it needs in order for it to grow. You can start small by ensuring that you drink enough water throughout the day. You can also ensure that with every meal you have some fresh vegetables and fruit then you can move on from there.

Do Not Use Natural Hair Growth Shortcuts

How to grow your natural hair fast! Ways to make your hair grow faster! How to grow your hair fast in a month! Try this, and see your hair grow faster than the speed of light!

Those titles, among many others, are all over the internet. They make it seem like the remedies offered can somehow change your genetics. The speed at which your hair grows is determined by your genes. The best way to see ‘fast’ hair growth is to build a regimen that promotes length retention.

On average, hair grows about half an inch a month. Some people fall slightly above or below this and that is okay! Don’t get so caught up in length. Don’t go around looking for fast hair growth herbs and oils with the aim of growing hair to your knees by next week. Instead, focus on enjoying every stage of your natural hair journey. After all, it is called a journey for a reason.

And finally…

Own Your Natural Hair Growth Journey

Don’t compare your hair growth progress with someone else. Every head of natural hair is different and therefore everyone experiences different rates of hair growth. Focus on you and what your hair goals are whether it is health, length or even thickness. Learn to love your natural hair and to appreciate your own small victories.

Peace, love and lots of moisture!

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