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Natural haircare for kids

Natural hairstyle for kids

Schools are closing for a month, it’s time to remove those braids and take care of your kid’s hair. We compiled this kids’ natural haircare routine just for you mothers and fathers out there! We’ll take you through steps on kid’s haircare and natural hairstyles that are kid friendly.  It doesn’t matter if you do your kids hair or take them to a salon, these tips can still be implemented. Ready, set, GO!


Before you start manipulating your kid’s natural hair you have to make sure it’s healthy so it doesn’t get damaged. These are a few tips to start the natural haircare journey for your kids.

Step 1: clean products

Kids, even more than adults, have sensitive scalps and sensitive skin. As parents, you have to make sure everything that touches them is natural or as clean as it can be. If you make sure no chemical lotions touch your kid’s skin, why don’t you do the same for their hair?

Avoid any products that have paraben, sulphates and silicones. Paraben and silicones are preservatives, they ensure products are long-lasting.  Additionally, silicones will allow a smoother application. Sulphates are there to amplify the effect of your shampoo, making it foamier which allows it to strip your hair of all its oils.

Avoid these products at all cost: look for shampoos and conditioners branded with “NO Paraben, NO SILICONES, SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO”.

Step 2: observe what works

Some kids have more sensitive hair than others, have allergies, etc. Make sure you search for what works for your kid and not necessarily for the new naturalista products that you see all over social media. Just like adults, not all products can work on your kid’s hair. You have to play around to find the prefect product for them. If your kid has dry hair, opt for products that are rich in oils such as castor oil and coconut oil. If their hair is oily, choose products water based and shampoos that won’t completely dry out their hair. For example, products with aloe Vera and peppermint will be favourable for their scalp as it won’t be clogging it. It will get rid of the dirty feeling on their scalp.

Step 3: start a haircare routine

Kids do well when on a routine: sleep routine, school routine, etc. Parents are the perfect witness to this. Let’s mimic those schedules and put our kids on a natural haircare routine as well. This will ensure gets stronger and will allow you or their hairdresser to realize if their hair is damaged and needs extra TLC, or if it’s time for a trim. All in all, a routine is the healthy way to take care of your kid’s hair. This school break is the perfect time to start doing this if you aren’t already doing it.

  • Pre-poo: before shampoo, section their hair into four or six sections and twist them up. Choose an oil based on what works for your kid and undo each section, lather with oil, detangle then twist again.
  • Shampoo: shampoo their hair in sections or according to your preference with sulphate free, paraben free and silicone free shampoo. Make sure to shampoo their hair regularly, once or twice a month because kids tend to have junk from school or the playground all in their hair.
  • Deep treatment: deep treat their hair every time you wash it. It will improve their hair texture, will help prevent breakage and split ends and most importantly, it’s great to lock in moisture.
  •  Leave-in: this a perfect step to lock in moisture especially if you plan on leaving their hair out.
  • Oil/moisturizer: oil their scalp regularly whether it’s in a protective hairstyle or not. You don’t want their hair or scalp to dry out, or feel itchy.

Step 4: massage and steam their scalp regularly

Add massages and steam sessions to your kid’s natural haircare routine. Massaging has been proven to boost hair growth and overall it will be a pleasant moment for your kid. Before you rinse out the deep treatment masque, give the scalp a 2-minute massage in order for the product to penetrate and if you’re doing your own kid’s hair, this a time for them to help. Kids love being included in those small activities where they can feel like they contributed to taking care of themselves. They will feel like they are part of the process, not just being on the receiving end.

Steam your kids’ hair once in a while. You can steam your hair while using the deep treatment; this will open up the cuticle and allow the product to penetrate and hydrate the strand. This is beneficial for any hair type as it will strengthen those tresses, add moisture and refresh your scalp.


  1. Avoid hairstyles that weighs down their hair and breaks their baby hairs.
  2. Opt for easy to maintain hairstyles, as your kid will probably come home with sand and what not in their hair
  3. Keep their hair in matutas or twists for this school break so it’s easy to moisturize and take care of it. It will also be a break from always having their hair in braids.
  4. Make it fun by adding colourful accessories.

Don’t forget to be kind and positive during this natural haircare journey. Your attitude often influence what your kid thinks about their hair growing up so be positive, make it fun and empower them to be confident!

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