About Us


Mosara (K) Ltd is Nairobi based natural skincare and natural haircare products manufacturer.

For the first few years, we operated under a business name Mnazi Naturals before transitioning to the current Mosara (K) Ltd.

We currently manufacture a complete range of natural hair care products specifically formulated to serve the needs of afro-textured hair.

Whether you have got natural, colour treated, dreadlocked or relaxed hair, we have got something made just for you.

All our products are all natural, made with naturally occurring or naturally derived ingredients. They are formulated FREE of silicones, parabens, pthalates, sulfates/sulphates, petroleum jelly, petroleum derived ingredients and mineral oil.

To ensure consistent quality, we manufacture our products in small batches.

Please visit our Where to Buy page to find a retailer near you.

Our products are available in several retail stores all over Kenya. They are also available for purchase online throgh several online retail stores.

The company is made up of a team of two full-time staff, several consultants and a large loyal clientele who swear by our products.

Visit the Hair Products page to learn  more about our range of hair care products.


The name Mosara is inspired by the Hausa tribe of Nigeria’s word for Coconut.

Coconut oil is one of our star ingredients, included in all of the products we manufacture. Its special place in all of our formulations led us into a journey to find a suitable brand name that would represent this star ingredient, locally grown in the cosatal regions of Kenya, that would both be easy to remember and pronunce.

Coconut oil is full of so many great properties. Its an excellent natural vegetable oil for use on hair and skincare products. It is especially suitable for Afro-textured hair.

We choose this name from another country and culture to serve as a constant reminder of our vision to grow into a Pan-African Brand.


Our origin story takes us back to mid 2015, our home and birth place, a small kitchen in Nairobi, Kenya. Wacu Mureithi, our founder, was experimenting to make a body cream. Having tried and tested all the body creams and body lotions she could lay her hands on from around the world, she had yet to find something that was both effective and affordable.

By her second batch, she started to notice that there was indeed something special about the product. The dry scabs from flares of eczema that would be all over her arms by that time of year disapperared. So too did the dark circles under her eyes. The experiment had been more than a success.

What came next? Well the details might be a little boring. To shorten the story, she shared a few samples with her sisters and friends to try out the product and share their feedback as they too had started to notice the changes.

What started out as making a small batch of body cream for her own use, was the chance action that brought Mosara into life.

The epiphany to turn it into a business came just a few weeks later. One by one, several of her friends and family came back, asking for more of it. What was interesting was this time, they were willing to part with a few coins to ensure the new found hobby wouldn’t one day run out of funds to supply their newfound love.